Please Remember to Sit in the Joy Too
My son has never said the words, I Love You. He has never used his speech device to say them either. But I know. I know he loves me. And it's imperative…
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My son is my son. He is uniquely himself. One of a kind.
My Journey to Acceptance: The How and the What and When Watch now (10 min) | The parts I wish someone had told me years ago.
Sometimes I don't call back or respond to texts. Be patient with me.
The comments that stop us in our tracks.
When my son reached his hardest days, it was time for me to make a change.
There is no magic pill or statement I can give or say that will change this.
Do not take judgement or criticism from people who have no idea the struggles you face.
His progress knows no limits to his dad and me.
The questions that gut me.