Hi there! I am Kate, best known as Cooper’s mom. I am an author, blogger, business owner, nonprofit co-founder, influencer but even more importantly, I am a wife and mother to four amazing kids who daily have me questioning my sanity.

I launched my Facebook page, Finding Cooper’s Voice, 5 years ago in hopes of finding one other child who had the diagnosis of severe nonverbal autism. Today, I have nearly 1 million followers and my page is the go-to place for families living the autism life.

My book Forever Boy is a USA Today bestseller and an Amazon Best Pick for Nonfiction and I truly believe is going to change the world for families like mine.

I happily live in Minnesota and am doing my best to raise tiny humans who are kind and want to change the world. My goals are to help families like mine, ones who have a member with a disability, feel comfortable, seen and welcome. And to normalize the secret world of autism. I will make you laugh, nod your head, cry, and hopefully look inside to find your inner advocate. Welcome!

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When you have a child diagnosed with something, anything, your world changes in an instant. It gets smaller for one. Suddenly, you feel like you are the only person on this planet going through this unique thing. And you feel alone. I know I sure did. I can say for certain that the beginning of my journey into autism would have been entirely different if I had found someone who I could relate to. My hope is that this community will do that for you. As you read, I hope you find yourself nodding along, finally feeling understood in something that can feel so isolating. But also seeing hope and joy in a little boy and a misunderstood diagnosis.

Whether you have autism in your life or not, follow along. There is so much to learn. And that the yellow-haired boy who adores trains and covers his ears at the grocery store impacts you in a positive way. So next time you see autism, you choose grace and kindness.

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Kate Swenson 

Kate Swenson is the founder of Finding Cooper's Voice and the author of Forever Boy, a national bestseller and Amazon best pick for nonfiction.